Can NLP Coaching help “The Imposter Syndrome”?

Here Dr. Doris’ answer:

First test from 0 – 10 how strongly client is experiencing this.
Go through the full vicious circle of guilt identifying each place and with your help step out of it building the complimentary place in the Magical Circle of Acceptance.
Give assignments between first and second session and ask to fill out the written homework on “Archetypes” deepening associations and anchors.

Second session, further resource strengthening and thereafter the ability to distance from thoughts. Find the most matching mediation technique for the client and practice with them.

Third sessions, test again 0 – 10 how it has changed so far. When the experience, so called Imposter syndrome or anxiety is still high, please apply the adrenal reverse pattern or phobia cure.

It is important you meet the client again thereafter and test again.
If client needs more work, either a Time Line Re-Imprinting or a Releasing Emotional Enmeshment will bring the greatest success.

Answer: “Yes DrDorisNLP Coaching can greatly address and reverse the so called Imposter Syndrome”.

Please let me know if you have any further Questions.

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