Are you losing customers to your competitors because of missing customer service?

  • Managers and leaders are most successful when able to function as coaches for their people.

    • Learn Emotional Intelligence techniques for overcoming obstacles more creatively.
    • Acquire advanced strategies to increase accountability and profitability.
    • Fill your tool box with compelling facilitation and intervention skills.

If your employees do not take ownership of your companys mission and business goals chances are you are losing customers. If every person in your organization increased customer satisfaction your revenue would also increase on a consistent basis. If not, you are losing momentum, time and money.

It offers the skills to:

  • Maintain ethics, courtesy and friendliness regardless of challenges, differences and stress levels
  • Address emotionally charged situations successfully
  • Respond to complaints and challenges resourcefully
  • Create and hone business relationships
  • Assume accountability regardless of circumstances

Your investment in the program provides the following returns:

  • Excellent service attitude, demeanor and responsiveness
  • Heightened ownership of your organizations vision and goals
  • Significant reduction of customers complaints
  • Improved customer satisfaction ratings

When your people are trained in these innovative skills they will have an easy time connecting with anyone in any situation. This program includes the art of emotionally engaging with customers in a way that they want to come back and refer others.We believe in creating relationships that make a difference. We believe people choose people rather than products or services. Employees quit because of people issues and not because of the organization. The quality of relationships and customer loyalty is the essence of your daily success.The same customer service skills apply internally within your departments or groups. Quality relationships within your teams create ripple effects, elevate employee morale and overall productivity.Unlike other programs and online courses where you mainly receive concepts and lectures this program is hands-on. Conscious Solutions uses visual and tangible training tools to engage your people in an alive, fun and entertaining fashion.The program is done in a minimum of two-steps to guarantee skill application and demonstration. It includes follow-up sessions plus email skill drills, video conferences, yearly review and reinforcement sessions.

Programs are available in the following formats:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Half-day trainings
  • One-to five day programs

We understand that your employees are being paid while in training. Organizing training takes effort and is an investment that needs to pay off. At Conscious Solutions we work together with you in assessing your challenges and defining your training outcomes and purpose. Business evaluations and specific interview processes help to objectively decide when, how and for which of your groups our programs will create greatest return.Our passion is to produce your desired results. We are there for you before, during and after our programs and we offer follow-up procedures to assure long-term success.Please ask for information on measurable training results, participant feedback and testimonials about the specific training programs.