Could your presentations be more impactful and engaging?

  • Are you ready to overcome any discomfort before or during your public speaking?
  • Would you like to feel more prepared and organized before your presentation?
  • Could the way you present be more engaging and create higher/greater Buy-In?

You cannot afford for your public speaking or presentations to be mediocre or insufficient. Your presentation, one-on-one, to small groups or large audiences directly reflects you and your company. Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling a client or energizing a team, the power of your presentation skills makes the difference between success and failure. After taking this presentation skills course, you will be able to boost your presentation presence, present more impactfully and communicate your ideas more effectively. You will enhance your personal and corporate image, and ultimately increase sales for your business or for your organizations business.

Our Presentation Excellence modules can be custom-designed according to your specific needs. You may select from the following topics:

  • How to make content simple and clearHow to make content simple and clear
  • Creative new waysto open a presentation
  • Handling questions and challenges from the audience
  • How to use body, movement, gesture, voice and animation
  • Build charisma and attractiveness
  • Enhance engagement and buy-in
  • Creating outstanding and entertaining presentations

This program will benefit managers who have some prior public speaking and presentation skills training or experience. It is particularly useful for executives who speak in front of groups, sales people and anyone who meets the press. This is a more advanced presentation skills course and is not recommended for those new to public speaking.A module specific to overcome any form of nervousness results in raising confidence and comfort presenting in front of any size of group. This includes also how to break the ice as well as building rapport and responsiveness with the audience.Your attitudes, your beliefs and how you express yourself verbally and non-verbally have direct impact on the ones in front of you, and how they perceive you.Important parts of the curriculum are well-prepared commencementsand creating positive first impressions.A presenter instils trust and inspiration. Learn more about non-verbal messaging, body posture and gesture in ways that support your content best. Be more aware of the words you use to influence. Use accelerated learning styles to raise your presentations levels of emotional engagement and Buy-In.Become a radiant, effective and charismatic presenter who attracts participants magnetically.The presentation skills workshop are kept small and are in a supportive environment to allow for maximum engagement and learning. Receive direct support on how to organize your material more efficiently and clearly. At the end of Day One you will deliver a video-taped presentation including all learned skills in front of a small group and on video. On Day Two, in addition to the video feedback, you will receive multiple feedback from the audience, and colleagues. You will also receive individualized feedback from the trainer in form of a step-by-step program to raise your presentation excellence.After taking this presentation skills course, you will be able to notice gains in effectively communicating your ideas, enhance personal and corporate image, and ultimately increase sales for your business.

Personal Presentation Skill Mentorship Programs are available


I am delighted to report that we were able to complete the relocation of our data center in 25% less time than planned as a result of the kind of leadership skills for our managers that has come from this leadership training.

Stevie Morton, CIO, Providence Health Systems Alaska

Conscious Solutions leadership Programs are Specifically Designed for:

  • Executives & Senior Leaders
  • Supervisors & Team Leaders
  • Managers & Directors
  • Internal & External Stakeholders
  • Business and Sales Pitch Positions

We understand that your employees are being paid while in training. Organizing training takes effort and is an investment that needs to pay off. At Conscious Solutions we work together with you in assessing your challenges and defining your training outcomes and purpose. Business evaluations and specific interview processes help to objectively decide when, how and for which of your groups our programs will create greatest return.

Why Presentation Excellence with Dr. Doris?

Enroll for nothing less but the best in presentation training. Dr. Doris has more than 33 years of experience in training. She is a licensed and certified Master Trainer, training and certifying trainers. Dr. Doris is known as the most active and interactive presenter in India. Her ways to teach you how to engage the audience and make them directly be part of every teaching is superior. She is known for bringing the best out of you as a presenter.