Emotional Intelligence to Measure Your Skills for Life

Emotional Intelligence

Do you know any of:
Lashing out at the other and not meaning it? Low mood and cannot figure out why. Shouting and great regret right after. Rushing around nearly forgetting what it is about…

From time to time our emotions are all over the place. Emotions are strong forces that run our lives, relationship challenges and daily productivity. People suffer from: stress, anxiety, fear; irritation, frustration, anger; lows, downs, depression and any emotions that make us feel bad . Relaxation, peace, calmness; excitement, inspiration, passion; happiness, joy and bliss are only some of the emotions we are meant to feel more.

The problem in raising Emotional Intelligence is not whether we can do it and how we can do it; the problem is that we got so used to suffering that we think it is normal. Numbness, seriousness, and bitterness are the deepest syndromes stopping us from even thinking about Emotional Intelligence.

Lashing out at each other, shouting, being grumpy and making everyone else grumpy, thinking negative and creating negativity around you feeling miserable for long spans of time is not normal. This is not what human beings are supposed to experience. Please make a note for yourself: These emotions are not natural!

They are stuck states that need to change. Human beings are not only able but are meant to feel greater aliveness, vibrancy, and happiness. Is what you are meant to feel. Feeling well, content and happy is your nature. This is the concept behind Emotional Intelligence. Would you agree to this? If you say “no” please accept your misery and continue doing the same things repeatedly creating little results. If you say “yes” – there is hope. The door to greater happiness and contentment is right in front of you. You just must push down on the handle.


The idea that your emotions get triggered by environment, loved ones or other people is mistaken it is a mistake.

One of the secrets of Emotion Intelligence is to turn this idea totally and completely around. Emotional Intelligence teaches you that your emotions are inside of your brain & mind-body. The power lies within yourself. You have everything inside of you to change your perception, your thought, and your responses.

All the control buttons of the remote control to your brain’s TV can be navigated by you. All the channels to flip your inner TV programs are with you. Your internal answer machine can store, remove, and add messages upon your will and desire. And: We can develop our ability to measure so we can test and operate and test and operate our brain, mind & body.

Feel invited to playfully join the following measurement game. You do not have to proof anything to anybody, so please answer as honestly as you can:
A – On a Scale from 0 being low and 10 being high, what number would you give your negative feeling or emotion?
B – On a Scale from 0 being low and 10 being high, what number would you give your ability to disengage and stay neutral and calm/
C – On a Scale from 0 being low and 10 being high, what number would you give your ability to feel positive feelings or emotions?

If your A is high, your B mediocre and C low feel welcome to the club “Emotional Intelligence”.

Now: How to build Emotional Intelligence? Unfortunately, the skills to do this are not innate. Even more unfortunately they are not taught in school where they really should be taught. Unfortunately, we must do something about this – but fortunately we can!

Fortunately, you can change all of the above. Yes, you can. You can learn how to:
– reduce negative emotions ten times more than what you are doing right now
– manage and handle emotions ten times better
– increase happiness, calmness, and joy ten times more .

If you are interested in this, please join the club of Emotional Intelligence, and create a measurable difference for yourself. We invite you to act, build determination and commitment to tackle this phenomenon. Feel welcome to become a more emotionally intelligent human being, family member and professional.