The NLP Master Trainer is one of a kind. This is when Christina Hall took NLP one level higher than anything that was taught and experienced in the world of NLP, Trainer Training and especially Master Trainer training before. Christina Hall has led multiple TTs and MTTs yearly, internationally for 25 years of her career.

Dr. Doris is one of the successors and the only ABNLP & SNLP Master Trainer, authorized and equipped to train the famous SNLP 8-Day Master Trainer Training in Asia and the Gulf. This is truly the “one of a kind” NLP Master Trainer Training and certification.


Upon the knowledge, experience and practice of the 12-Day Trainer Training (pre- requisite) you will build upon each of the significant elements of Training & Learning (Framing, GBP & GFP The Infinity Strategy, Metaphor & Analogy, Story-Telling, Theatre Improv, Nested Loops, etc…) and outshine yourself as a trainer now readying yourself to certify trainers.

We invite you to:

• Explore the deep relationship within teaching and learning as part of the same process and develop your abilities to facilitate group-unity, group-spirit and group-learning as a means to promote deep, accelerated and cohesive learnings.
• Experiment with putting your training ideas into action in the moment you think about them.
• Expand your skills to utilize whatever behaviors, states and attitudes that come forth in your audience as examples of what you are teaching to make profound shifts in thinking happen.
• Stretch your abilities to bring greater potential into action and surprise yourself with your abilities to create powerful metaphors for development and change in an instant!
• Extend the range and scope of your abilities to new levels of expression in ways that can exceed even your wildest imagination!



Through the various activities planned for your delight, you will also learn how to:

  • Turn unexpected responses, for example, into a source of possibility and golden opportunities that you can nest into the thread of your training.
  • Transform the “bonds” of unconscious habit to create an inner environment for focus, achieving your outcomes and living a process that is meaningful and fulfilling.
  • For training trainers it is essential to download the NLP Presuppositions in a way that they become yours. Explore a unique and advanced way to do presentations on your understanding of the Operational Presuppositions. Enjoy also a trutured way of scoring yourself in their implementation.
  • Framing Outcomes Setting Directing will be further downloaded and extended with applying, demonstrating and presenting the “Quest Model”.
  • You will bring the Key-Design Principles for Learning and Training onto another level through specific presentations.
  • The Infinity Strategy will be applied every day in a different way until it flows into your presentations at different times and in different ways without anypreparation.
  • On top of the Improv Theatre techniques from your TT now you will excel with the C.R.O.W. model which is a fun training element that increases confirmation and uses auditory tuning cards that will greatly develop the use of your voice.
  • The Living System Model takes another dimension when you go through the process called “Calibrating the Moment” which also forms for you new levels of Audience tracking skills.
  • The Modelling “Wow” fun technique enriches your withadvanced Calibration and Scanning Strategies.


That trainer needs to train Master Trainer and strengthen and expand your core-capacities in ways that support, embellish and permeate your training style.

Discover the power of non-judgmental awareness based on the intention to be present and acknowledge whatever happens as an opportunity to create a potent, clear inner environment for focus, energizing a sense of wonder that expands the opportunities inherent in everyday life.

Experience the “Diamond Strategy” as a cooperation model to explore the polarities of opposites which can be like “inner demons”. Transform any inner demon in way of your brilliance as a master Trainer utilizinga unified field that opens up a greater range of perspective and freedom in thinking and in action.

Design “Contrast Frames” for making instantaneous distinctions that accelerate and deepen learning.

Utilize a new version of the Language “Aikido Strategy” to pivot avoidance and the stressful into the interesting and attractive… transforming self-criticism

and self-doubt into a source of possibility and opportunity to advance the training and learning process. Advanced applications of contrast frames in training design.

Add the Q.U.E.S.T. Model to your skill-set as a poly-contextual model for setting training and learning goals to actualize unrealized capabilities and bring greater potential into action in ways that enrich your experience and interactions with others.

Advance nested loops to the next level by incorporating the “Staircase Model” into your presentations and exercise design to expand your skills, creating connections and continuity through time in ways that build deep, cohesive and synergistic learning.

Unite the indispensable power of vision and purpose to communicate your passion and commitment with congruency in ways that make a difference in your life and in the lives of others, inspiring people to reach higher to put into action that which is most meaningful in their lives.

Just as photographers create powerful images and responses by framing each image with their lenses and writers with their words, so do we, as trainers/presenters, through our verbal and non-verbal behavior.

Obviously, you have already learned a lot. And you know that there is always more. You have probably noticed that during a training, no matter how well you have planned, unexpected things always happen, some welcomed, others disconcerting, disorienting and perhaps causing self-doubt. Have some participants responded in ways that seemed to challenge and even perhaps diminished your feelings of resourcefulness, flexibility and freedom to choose? Even though we cannot always control events, we can influence how events are experienced, interpreted and understood, thereby setting a different direction and whole new course of action.

Become a high-level skilled Master Trainer certifying Trainers.



The Society of  NLP Trainer Training give you:

  • The highest standard Trainer certification in India
  • The pure NLP from  the  original Society of NLP in the 1970s
  • NLP that is constantly   up-dated and modernized
  • NLP to teach NLP in  the most empowering and fascinating ways
  • Multiple learning styles and speeds to maximize the varying  levels of background
  • The  skill level and  the specific documents essential to getting started as a trainer and begin your new career
  • Access to the knowledge of your Master Trainer’s  25yrs+ of corporate training experience
  • Multi-level feedback  from multi­-level professionals
  • Video  feedback in many forms, individualized     feedback and personalized assignments
  • A well-traveled and proven pathway that will build identity, competency and congruency to become the trainer  you desire to be

It is important to us that you can bathe in safety, trust and cooperation. There will never be a boring moment in the training room. We are committed to supporting each other’s processes together with creativity, inspiration and fun.

Our Trainers Are The Conduits For A More Peaceful And Conscious World.

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