The Partners

Our Trainer Partners

Dr. Doris

Dr. Doris certifies in all levels of Emotional Intelligence and NLP. She is known for her caring and integrity. The way she connects with each participant in the training room is outstanding. She is recognized for her outrageous and entertaining

Gregory Greene

Gregory is an expert in American Customer Service, sales and effective communication. He is heading the management, call center & program sales, and customer service at DrDorisNLP & Conscious Solutions. His mission is to equip learners with more practical skills for training and outstanding content delivery, interaction and negotiation.

Ar Hitesh Parmar

As the Creator & Founder of Esoteric Architecture his passion is integrating NLP and Architecture to design Architecture, Interior, Landscape and Urban Spaces and with the help of empowering people withinhealth, wealthand relationships.With an everlasting purpose of empowering entrepreneurship Hitesh contributesto balancingand improvingall areas of life and spirituality.


An electronics and Communication Engineer by education, IT engineer by previous profession and discovered her passion towards coaching and empowering others. Her Expertise: Bringing value through conversations, Child development, Parenting, Neuroscience, being open to new learnings and Book lovers. – Freelancing as SNLP Master Coach – She is an Internationally Certified Associate Corporate & NLP Trainer