The Importance of Emotional Intelligence for Personal & Professional Happiness & Success

It is generally understood that EQ is more important for living life successfully and excelling professionally than IQ. Emotional Intelligence raises your EQ measurably. Experience how to be with your emotions in new ways. Emotional Intelligence is not only about managing emotions successfully but also about increasing the ability to feel.

Emotional Intelligence help to powerfully replace limiting emotional states with resourceful emotions. You will literally increase your positive feeling like peace, joy and happiness – and learn how to laugh.

 When people are stressed, fearful or driven by anxiety they cannot be happy. When people are joyful and happy they raise their productivity, have better relationships, work more effectively and have a better work life balance. In today’s world it is understood that it’s not anymore the IQ that matters but the EQ. What is lacking Emotional Intelligence?

Dry and serious lives that miss humor and fulfilling relationships

Emotional defensiveness and denial leading to feeling bad, up to depression, addiction and illness

Emotional rollercoaster syndrome, or feeling emotions of others, leading to exhaustion, and losing rationality. 

This EI program goes way beyond regular stress, anger or depression management classes. Emotions are powerful forces that determine your interactions and performance. Learn in this seminar how to handle, reduce and eliminate some of your emotions and how to feel the emotions you want to feel more with hands-on tools and practical tools for immediate and long-lasting change.