Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff

In my teachings I have always pointed out that we have brain cells in many places in the body and the work our brain does is not cantered only in the scalp.

Excited to share newest research based on some of 1998 Dr Michael Gershon and
Dr Rollin Mc Carty Heart Math Research center CA work that enable me to show you that we have three brains that have led Grant Soosalau and Marvin Oka to the multiple brain studies.

The heart brain has its own neurone, interneurons, neurotransmitters and complex neural network giving it’s own impulses not necessarily going through the brain in the scalp. It secrets neuro-hormones, dopamine norepinephrine, oxytocin that are commonly described as love and bonding hormones. The gut brain utilizes every class of neuro-transmitter just like in the brain and produces on it’s own serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, norepinephrine, nitride oxides and more… Example: It is the gut brain itself that innervates the oesophagus in a way that it stops you eating food during danger. Uhhh… this is amazing, especially when we learn now how we can best utilize and apply this as they say in the book mBraining: Use your brain to do cool stuff