Why NLP Trainings with Dr. Doris is essential for Leaders in the Corporate environment

Clarity on your vision, purpose & values

Often personal development tools and courses only focus on how to set goals successfully. NLP helps to make leaders aware of the subconscious patterns that they express in language and through their senses and change these patterns when applicable.

NLP training teaches you how to involve these in setting your Corporate goals and your purpose within the organization, but also makes your team aware of your current values that drive team behavior’s and how to shift these towards a more energetic way of life and precisely accomplish goals in a timely manner.

Overcoming limiting beliefs

We all have many beliefs that help us, but there are also a lot that get in the way of what we want to achieve. As a leader it is your duty to empower your team and change unresourceful beliefs they may hold about themselves and their place within the organization.

NLP teaches you how to reframe your current beliefs by applying different meaning to behaviors, situations in life and to new beliefs that you would like to have.

More self-confidence

NLP offers the Leaders tools that will allow his/her employees the possibility of accessing resources from their past or creating new resources for the present and the future. This can give them self-confidence in areas where they need it. It can also teach the leader they can anchor these and, if they wish, “program” themselves to become unconsciously competent.

Managing difficult people

The courses teaches the leader how you how to deal with difficult people, that is, those staff with whom we constantly fight or who irritate us. People we do not know how to get along with us or make them get along with us. NLP teaches leaders about the process of building rapport through mirroring and matching at various levels, showing you how to connect with difficult people and help them cooperate with you.

Strengthening leadership capabilities

NLP can develop your leadership capabilities. This includes the ability to have people follow you, increasing your performance through the power of state and asking the right questions at the right time.

Developing new strategies for problem solving

The courses help Leaders examine their current way of thinking and develop their ability to think differently.

This involves looking at the way we unconsciously structure our thoughts and our ability to divide a problem into chunks, as well as the power of reframing problems and turn them into positive states.

Developing stronger & healthier relationships

NLP can help Leaders via the unconscious mind and body to improve their interactions
in relationships. Improving Leaders communication & presentation skills The use of language and senses as well as their state, presence, and the way they use the space and anchor space in their storyline will help Leaders improve your communication and presentation skills.

Improving Leaders coaching skills

NLP can help Leaders to learn new ways to motivate others and get to the core of complex issues quickly to be able to communicate effectively. Assist Leaders in dealing with unexpected situations in life.

NLP can help Leaders become more resilient to change. NLP offers a great method of attaining a different view and feeling about changes in your life. It can help Leaders deal with staff, situations and, most importantly, their own emotions in a better way.

Understanding the capabilities, strategies & mindsets of successful people

These are the methods that Leaders use to achieve excellence in business and life. NLP can demonstrate these to you via a process called “modelling.

Improving team & organizational performance

NLP offers tools to assist in leading or managing teams or stakeholders, through a combination of perceptual positions and evoking positive states. It offers an amazingly effective way to improve your team performance.

Achieving greater success in negotiation & sales

In a world full of challenges, successful tools for negotiation and sales are essential. NLP helps Leaders better their negotiation skills by showing you how to integrate different parts for a more successful result using a higher positive intention.