How does Coaching benefit our personal and professional life

The profession of Coaching has skyrocketed in the last 5 years, established companies now employ coaches to get the maximum performance out of employees that Human Resources cannot accomplish. Individuals globally have opened themselves up to the idea of Coaching in areas of fitness, wellness and mental health.If is often considered as an additional or extended career. 

After the pandemic people have reexamined what’s really important in their life to them and for them, and for some money is simply an instrument but does not equal satisfaction at the end of the day when considering what is rewarding in one’s life. Being part of a profession that has respect in the community, being able to command a good salary, determining one’s own schedule and going to bed at night with a feeling of reward are some of the values people seek when deciding for a coaching career.   

The benefits of Coaching in the 21st Century are beyond financial gains but enrich both the coach’s and the coachee”s sense of accomplishment and creating change. A person now-a-days will choose coaching over therapy because it is generally acknowledged that the results of coaching are faster, more hands-on, more effective and practical than the rather more lengthy process of other therapies or types of counseling.

Professionally the forecast of Coaching expects a growth in the industry from 2020 until 2030 off 26% which looks like a real demand for you to find secure employment. According to the U.S. Dept of Labor the median income of a coach is $57,040 while the average is between $34,380 and $96,090. So, there are financial rewards for those that are considering switching jobs. The working hours can vary as an entrepreneurs engaged in coaching have the flexibility to see clients around their own times and can maintain a good work life balance; while those employed in corporate organization’s usually work 30-40 hours per week with paid leave and benefits. One of the greatest benefits is knowing you have contributed directly to another human’s growth and assisted them in reaching their outcomes and that you have helped.

Why has Coaching taken off and why is there such a demand for this unique profession? When looking at the actual definition of coaching I like John Whitmore’s definition most “coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” 

Coaching works with reward, appreciation and building gratitude. There is a large variety of coaching directions like women empowerment, weight loss, relationships, mental health, career coaching or possibly being a happiness coach, the field is wide open for you to assist others and self-reflect on your own challenges and how you overcome certain obstacle’s.

A person undergoing coaching can look forward to feeling deeply understood and enjoying the release of talking one’s problems out while the professional coach patiently listens and directly responds. In most regular coaching directions there will be many sessions and the focus is on talking it out and thinking of solutions that would work.

In NLP Coaching there will be less time for talking it all out as the focus is on defining outcomes, formulating purpose and casting a bigger vision. In every hour of NLP Coaching there will be a complete transformation process in which the client goes through a change, for example: identify shift, integrating conflicting parts, reimprinting limiting emotions, Time-Line reprogramming, new behavior generator and many more…. In NLP Coaching the client learns the techniques to re-program himself. After every hour of NLP Coaching the client will walk away with a change of beliefs and perception, a huge transformation, new behaviors and measurable results. 

What are the personal benefits when choosing the career as a coach? Personal benefits maybe suffering less from work burnout, compared to teachers, lawyers and computer programmers. Waking up in the morning and knowing your making a difference in another human beings’ life can be the motivation other professions fail to offer. 

Growing in your own personal development is part of the coaching journey as most coaches agree they learn from their clients and appreciate the human interaction. In fact as a coach, every session you will conduct gives you new insights, discoveries and skills. Many coaches report that they go through the processes they guide the coachee through themselves and are so exposed to multiple transformation processes and multiple transformation results. Coaches are on a continuous journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. Every client who comes to the coach provides the coach with great learnings and greater awareness how he/she is affecting others. The bag of practical solutions becomes bigger and bigger with every change made for a coachee. That is why you will find Coaches radiating integrity, congruency and demonstrating great relationships skills and abilities. 

Coaches significantly improve someone’s life and many lives. They so also know how to help their clients and so tend to help others in general. Contributing to bettering society and so bettering the world leaves a coach with a sense of altruism pride and reward.