Make Time Your Friend The Time Matrix

Most people have ambivalent relations with time. Procrastination, getting projects done on time, managing time are indicators of struggling with time. When you think or say: “There is not enough time. I am running out of time. I experience stress.” time is not your friend yet. Many emotional challenges like anxieties or fear are time-based but we are not aware of this.

There are so many goal-, time management- and creating future methods that simply do not work. When you experience any form of discomfort around planning, it just means you have not found a technique that works for you – yet. When what you wish has not come true, it just means you have not been exposed to the most powerful way to do so – yet.

Most of us have learned to put goals too high and/or too far. When we put our goals too far or too high it happens through inner pictures or movies which creates the illusion of distance. It appears as if 1 year or 3 years from now are far away. But this is the problem. Visualization is simply not enough and can be tricky.

One thing is for sure: to make things real is has to be coded in the body. You will learn and practice to fully feel the successful completion of any project or plan.  Begin to code your desired future in all parts of your being by projecting “Your Future You” realistically and physically.

The Time Matrix is not a mental script and also not a technique. It is way more than that. It is begins by sorting through your outcomes, high level values and what you want to accomplish for this up-coming yead. It will then assist you to define your higher purpose in a precise and effective way. All parts of your being, emotional, intellectual and spiritual (and all neuro-logical levels) are included.

One of the most important aspects in successful planning or manifesting your goals is the physical aspect. Amazing News: Time can be measured inside your body! Yes. Your sub-conscious and your body know your truth. Your body and your sub-conscious will be used to define the appropriate time markers and to attract what is needed to bring your dreams into reality.

Define your stepping stones towards your success including all different aspects of your career, work, relationships and the total of your life in an open and free way assuring nothing can possibly become limited and you need not think about the indefinable.

Make time your friend and organize time in a very clear manner using innovative and powerful methods of NLP. This Time Matrix process is easy and fun! You are so welcome!