Why Dr. Doris NLP and Conscious Solutions certification and Training programs in 2024.

I have been engaged in the training and development industry for the last 14 years. I have seen dynamic changes in the industry and sometimes not favorable changes on behalf of the client. As we are entering a new year 2024. I always go to my purpose statement revising it to outcomes I find desirable. The rise of “certificate factories,” as I refer to them has grown seven-fold. Where Trainers who have no sincere passion for the craft in my humble opinion are labeled as a “Master Trainer” or “Dr.” simply by paying for the title. This is flat out disgusting to me and repulses me to think that their only intention is status and not a genuine love and passion for training and long term personal and professional development.

Thus, I wanted to share why Dr. DorisNLP and Conscious Solutions certification’s. First founded in 1988 in Anchorage, Alaska and now running training and development programs throughout India, inviting our attendees to experience Beautiful Goa training in the morning and enjoying Goa in the evening.is unlike any other training organization. The fact that Dr. Doris NLP is partnered with the #1 Health and Wellness center in Dubai, Illuminations. Is by no accident they have gone with the best most capable training since 2014. But in my client calls whether the inquiry came through one of the various platforms the question is always “why should I invest my time and energy with our company?” And then once I outline our mission statement and purpose some still ask for a discount. LOL. So, I felt it relevant to discuss why we don’t “haggle” on our services for they are in fact premium as our clients are premium. And we have a sincere vested interest in their long-term growth and development. So far those who have no idea of our platform and mission I felt compelled to write down a few points.

Dr. DorisNLP and Conscious Solutions certifications offers an Eco-system unlike any Training and Development institution in the East.

We are committed to your long-term support and to achieve this we have implemented a long-term strategy.

  • Monthly support group for 2 years to ensure your training and replication of the material is firm.
  • Discounted retakes, our clients base is offered a discount paying only 5% of the original fee they have originally paid for any retake they have successfully completed for a 3-year period. And at the Conscious Solutions partnership live have access to free unlimited retakes
  • Receive recordings of the live sessions to be stored in the client’s cloud storage, as we are engaged in accelerated learning some of the information may be lost by having easy access to the training by having it in the cloud this further ensure that you will be able to demonstrate and replicate the content effectively and with precision.
  • We have a vibrant eco-system WhatsApp and Facebook community that has assisted in job placement, writing letters of reference and being there to support each other to make humanity more Conscious and grow.
  • Competitive pricing, as Conscious Solutions certifications, is an international certifying body headed by the East most tenured and accredited Master Trainer Dr. Doris. You will get value for your investment. As our programs are competitively priced, as you’re investing in one of the most dynamic trainers you will get a long-term return on your investment in terms of knowledge of the trainer and long-term support. “You get what you pay for,” so there is no need to ask for discounts are bargain as our prices are already priced according to our exclusive client base.

If you are serious about your growth and future development and not just chasing a less valued certifcate with a title but eventually after 6 months are unable to replicate the content to your learners, where is the return on your investment?