The New Year 2024 with the NLP Time Matrix Blog

The beginning of a New Year is always a great chance to think ahead and to reflect.

What would you like to do differently?
What would you like to change?
What is most important to you and for you about Your 2024?

Finding out about your high-level values and writing up your purpose will be part of your overall success. We help you formulate your purpose in the most impactful and effective way. This is important to successfully project.

Thereafter learn to lay out your 2024 with a few time markers not in the usual way and beyond visualization or imagination, which is simply not enough. Learn how to put the law of attraction into action with the NLP Time Matrix.

Lay Our Your 2024 Successfully with the NLP Time Matrix
Dr. Doris
31, Jan Wed. 8:30 p – 10:00 pm

Do you wish 2024 to be a better year than the last on?
Have you sat down enough and laid out a strategy yet?
How are you planning to manifest this?

Learn a tested and proven way that will be surely worthwhile your time.
This is an invitation to invest this evening into yourself, your inner knowing, your conscious matrixing. Matrixing means to implement all parts of your being. Time Matrixing means a continuous modifiable NLP method that works long-term and forever.

Brings your Law of Attraction into Action. Contribute not only into yourself but all your relationships and the way you affect a world with greater respect for one another, peace, and consciousness. Join us to learn the NLP Time Matrix

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