Rem Decoding EMT with Dr. Doris at Illuminations

Are your deeper laying fears, family / collective conditionings, trauma, and long-term emotional stuck states just not being tackled yet?

Have you worked on certain themes over and over again and nothing has helped? Would you like to experience a powerful technique that directly affects your brain’s messages to your body?

As a healer or coach, are you dissatisfied with the results you created working with deeper laying issues?

Rem Decoding EMT (Eye Movement Therapy) is the newest and most powerful version of EMDR which has been used to successfully transform such issues since 1980. Our eye cues are directly connected to our brain through our nerves and neuro-pathways. When the eye cues move, the brain works things out for us in synchronicity.

In your Rem Phase your brain does the best it can to solve things that are not completed during the day and so any emotionally stuck states that happened recently or even long ago. Based on scientific research, EMDR and Rem Decoding are affecting these areas in the brain by the initiation of conscious eye cue movements.

Your Rem Phases is trying to do its best by rapidly moving your eyes during sleep but it may only repeat stuck states and not be able to come up with solutions by itself. Look at it like a stuck program on your computer. It won’t repair itself. For this “repair,” your eye movements get consciously initiated by following the therapist’s waving hands in a particular manner. Like an “AHA” things get worked out quite quickly and powerfully. As you experience this, there will be a release sensation through your body, sometimes tears, and immediate results. Your Rem Phases are waiting for some help and solutions from you.

You will receive direct feedback through scores that are verified by muscle testing. You will receive a score for the depth of the trauma, fear, or stuck state, and during the waving again score how it is improving throughout the session. Rem De-Coding EMT has made the work so effective and successful as it adds to your active participation. Precise hypnotic statements that back up and increase the waving result will be created upon your conscious and sub-conscious agreement and given to you in writing.

Are you ready for some work that goes to the origin of the matter?

Are you ready to work in this session together with the Rem Decoding therapist in a way that everything becomes evident, and clear with immediate and long-term results?

Are you ready in your work with others to step one level up and learn something very practical, simple, and easy but profound and deep? You can become a Rem De-Coding EMT therapist after Level 2 and practice sessions with a Rem De-Coding EMT Therapist Certification.

Please feel free to enroll for a Free Consultation with Dr. Doris at Illuminations any afternoon or evening before the 10, or 11 Feb (training). You are so welcome!

From the originators passed on through several improvements, it has been greatly improved by WingWave Germany (Besser Siegmund) and IEMT International through Partha Roy, turned into Rem DeCoding EMT by Monica Dickhut and Dr. Doris. Rem DeCoding adds advanced linguistics for Hypnotic Suggestions to this amazing body of knowledge and guarantees that after