Begin Your New Year by Making Time Your Friend “The Time Matrix”

Most people have ambivalent relations with time. Procrastination, getting  projects done on time, managing time are indicators of struggling with  time. We often hear: “There is not enough time. Time is short. Time is  running out.” time is not your friend yet.” Think about it. Is time a thing  that can be short or run out? Our concepts about time are conditioned  and most often limiting.  

There are so many goal-, time management- and creating future  methods that simply do not work. When you experience any form of  discomfort around planning, it just means you have not found a  technique that works for you. When what you wish has not come true, it  just means to X our sleeves and do something about it. Live is a matter  of perception and we create what we think. Everything you want for your  personal and professional life can happen. Your visions really can  become true. Please ask yourself: Do I believe this? May I share my  experience with you. Yes, everything you want can become true if coded  in time in a way that works. 

Most of us have learned to put goals too high and/or too far. When we  put our goals too high or too far they become irrealistic and not  manageable because you see yourself in that distant place which gives  your unconscious mind reason to doubt. It is possible it may happen, and it is possible not. That’s why this cannot work. We are talking about  centuries of most humans resisting most time-based planning methods.  

Yes, time needs to be seen. Imagination and visualization are ok but  only as part of the process. Time also needs to be heard and felt.  

One of the most important aspects in manifesting your goals is the  physical aspect. One thing is for sure: to make things real it must be  coded in the body. Amazing News: Time can be measured inside your  body. Your sub-conscious and your body know your truth.

The Time Matrix is not a mental script and not a technique. It is way  more than that and is based on defining and living your higher purpose.  All parts of your being, emotional, intellectual and spiritual (and all  neuro-logical levels) are included.  

The Time Matrix teaches you how to fully feel the successful completion  of any project or plan in your body. Step into your desired Future You  and experience fully and physically. The language to use is very  important. It suggests this connectivity and induces to experience  already having successfully accomplished… Then learn how to define  the steps toward the goal including your body and your subconscious  clearly laid out with visual markers but in a way always ready to modify. 

You basically download a deep knowing that you are always in process.  You are always moving and moving forward. And so is time always  moving and always forward. How to download this without creating  ambiguity, or resistance or doubt is applying the wisdom that time is  linear and sequential. You are an integral part of this process. 

Your body and your sub-conscious will be used to define the appropriate  time markers and to attract what is needed to bring your dreams into  reality. 

Define your stepping stones towards your success including all different  aspects of your work and life. Make time your friend and organize time in  a very clear manner and with ease and fun. 

References on using the Time Matrix: 

This is the first and only panning method that has made my goals come  true early than planned on paper. This training has changed my life and  helped my entire team to look forward to what comes next. I highly  recommend learning the Time Matrix.  

Stevie Morton, CIO, Providence Health Systems, Alaska, USA 

Time Management has never been so easy and fun. I did not know I can  use my body to find out the true timing of my goals. 

Anthony, IT Expert, Weikfield Technologies, Pune, India 

Walking on the floor through my different time markers sequentially lined  out till my end goal was simply amazing. I never knew how important it is  to hold a well-formulated purpose close to my heart. You will feel happy  to lay out your up-coming year in this way.