NLP Trainer Training The Importance of Safety & Trust for Learning & Training

The industry of trainings keeps growing. Everyone is interested to expand their horizon. Learning is valued by almost every human being.
How do we learn? First let’s state that we cannot not learn. Learning is already happening every day and in every way.
Learning in form of courses and programs is a structured process of the same phenomenon. A certified and skilled course designer would think about the steps it takes for the learner to pick up a topic easily and quickly. In these modern days, it is generally acknowledged, that learning in an atmosphere of push and pressure does not work anymore as it creates fear. Fear jeopardizes learning. Learning styles including tension are out-dated. In create safety and trust acceptance and reward are the ways to go. Deeper and long-lasting learning can only happen in relaxation.

When we look at what body of knowledges offers the tools and skills for acceptance, reward and relaxation we have to give an appreciation to a body of knowledge called Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP). NLP is  a body of knowledge focusing on how the language we use (no matter from which country) affects our self-talk and how it affects any of our communications. NLP Trainer Training is about how a trainer uses his command over language in a way that influence happens in the most intentive, deliberate, and conscious way. NLP’s focus using what is called “Pacing & Leading Techniques” all bases upon creating and deepening trust.

Without trust learning can only happen in a difficult way and with struggle. This is neither motivating nor fun. If the content is just spoken or conveyed without focusing on the listener or student the learning results will be low. In every realm of adult education, may it focus on self-development or any specific topic, the speaker has to have the skills to experience, explore and think creatively. For that to happen, trust is essential.  – A feeling of trust and the sense of safety go hand in hand. Without trust the experience of safety does not exist.

I suggest for seminar or program leaders and for any trainer to sit down in deep reflection and write down in multiple ways how safety and trust can be created so their students/ participant can learn in a relaxed and easy way building long-term memory.

Dr. A. Doris Greenwood, author and NLP Mega Master Trainer offers triple international certification, and she is committed to your learning success.