Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

Overcome Negative Self-Talk

Today in the NLP training we talked about Overcoming Negative Self-Talk. I asked: Are you aware of your Negative Internal Chatter? Everyone raised their hand. Then I asked are you aware of the relationship of this inner negative chatter and your limiting emotions most participants were. So much time and effort gets lost in this. Isn’t’ it about running our thoughts rather than our thoughts running us? When I asked how many of you know how to effectively and immediately change this? Only some raised their hands. 
When we imagine our computer we know we can’t be on top of all the technical details, isn’t it? When we hold a TV remote control in our hand we are aware that there are many more programs we can choose. I invite you to think of your inner programming in exactly that way.  There is so much, so much more possible than you can even consider. I prefer to believe that I am not my thoughts and I am not m inner processing. I am so much more than that emotionally, mentally, spiritually and many more ways. I consider myself lucky to having learned how the pictures and voices in my head used to work against me. I am not only fascinated by meditation but practice it every day. My meditation is only really effective and gives me that inner peace and silence when I regulate the inner voices and pictures. All the years of self-development, therapy and mediation are one thing  – but I am really proud of not having to listen to my negative inner dialogues anymore. I wipe my sweaty front with a handkerchief sighing loudly. Please sigh with me. Let’s be committed to manage what we call the “F-Virus” which is the Fear Virus. This is what we can influence as we cannot much influence the Corona virus.

Join me in praising yourself every single time when you do NOT get influenced by the stresses and fears around you. Honor yourself every time you catch yourself right before going into a unresourceful mood. Clap loudly for yourself when you begin to step by step maybe slowly but surely collect the beliefs, tools and skills to master programming yourself. 

Please feel welcome to join us on 23 July Thursday at 7pm IST and please let us know at www.dorisNLP or info@dorisNLP.com if we can support you in any way. I am available to you. I am Dr. Doris and you are very welcome!